Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy things -NB

I've been grumpy today so I decided I needed to share the things that have made me happy lately.
First: x-rays from scotch tape. Is that the coolest things you have ever heard or what? I tell people that physics is incredibly cool and they all nod their heads and back away slowly, but it is!,2933,443470,00.html

Second: Brandon Sanderson hit the NY Times bestseller list. It makes me almost giddy to see an author I really like, who is also Mormon, hit that list. I wonder how many Mormons other than Steven Covey have?

Third: I got a new phone. My old one was dying slowly and I knew that if I continued to use it, knowing the battery was going, it would die on me in a horrible place and time. Nothing fancy, but new gadgets are always fun.

Fourth: I didn't have to babysit anyone else's kids today. I swap babysitting and it seems like I can go a month or more with no one and then this week I've tended everyday. I could never run a day care and I am incredibly glad my husband makes enough I don't have to find alternate means of earning money.

There, four thinks to make me happier and boost my spirits so I can take my five kids to the Fall School Festival without yelling, screaming or vowing never to leave the house with any of my offspring ever again. (I hope).

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jendoop said...

The scotch tape thing is amazing! Just think of what other seemingly innocuous actions we participate in every day that could be producing energy. So when I pull my butt up off this chair the reason it is so difficult is because I'm producing x-rays! (yes, it's a stretch)

Would I like the Sanderson book? I think I already know the answer to this.

As Kip sung in Napoleon Dynamite, "I love technology."(you realize his name is Kip Dynamite?) I'm really grateful for blogging, email, etc these days as a means for connecting with people. Yea! for the new phone.

Oh wow, I couldn't watch someone else's kids right now for any longer than they could sit still to watch a movie. But regardless I'll be helping kids put on a primary program tomorrow, which means 3 hours of primary not just 2.