Monday, November 10, 2008

Dealing With Dragons

I picked up the first of these novels at the library free-book-for-joining-the-summer-reading-program table. My husband read it and liked it so I read it too. These are definitely YA-edging into children's books, but very funny anyway. The irritation an intelligent, non-simpering princess would have with the conventions and expectations of her peers are described in hilarious detail. Having experienced some of that myself, I could relate.
I checked some of the others out of the library. They are short, quick, fun read. Though reading them all at once gets bit boring. There are very few authors you can read several books at a time and not be annoyed by.
Jen, I think Rachel would really like them or any preteen to teenage girl. I think my six year old would like them but they don't have pictures so she isn't interested. I'm working her up to those. We are reading the Magic Treehouse books and Geronimo Stilton right now. She likes GS because certain words are emphasized with color and funny fonts. She reads all of those and the italics and chapter headings. She doesn't think she can read chapter books because she is only in first grade so I am gently showing her how good a reader she is. Peer pressure for a smart girl is difficult, see the above books.

Dealing With Dragons. Patricia Wrede. Scholastic. 1992

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