Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A lot of blogs I read have been posting about things they are thankful for. I am also thankful for many things, but I am writing today to talk about the opposite. I have a list for all of you who are commited to the idea of buying me or my family presents in the coming month or two. Because I can never remember anything when I talk to you on the phone, I took the easy way out and made a wishlist on amazon. Please don't take this as written in stone, but as gentle suggestions to ease the shopping process. If you think that I would be interested in your own desires for Christmas, please feel free to reciprocate. Thanks



jendoop said...

See as how Mom just 'drew names' - thanks for the list. How do we know if someone else has already gotten something off your list? Or are you not above returning? Or if I got you something like the big bucket o' Legos it wouldn't be a horrid thing to have 2.

readerMom said...

I don't think there are that many people getting us things. I would be surprised if we get duplicates. Of course, an extra anything is usually good around here.