Saturday, November 1, 2008

Music --Tag

I haven't been reading much lately, I've been sewing instead and listening to a lot of music. The Halloween costumes turned out great, but the only pictures I have are on film so you will have to wait a few months to see them. I think the MP3 player is one of the best things to happen to music since the phonograph. I love to choose out songs I like and not have to listen to the whole album. So, here's a game, go through your MP3, Ipod, or music list of preference and choose your favorite song for each letter. Duplicate letters allowed, but only to make up for letters that don't have a song, 26 songs only. Then share.

A: And She Was - Talking Heads
B: Blood of Eden - Peter Gabriel
C: Come Dancing - The Kinks
D: Dela - Johnny Clegg
E: Elderly Woman Behind the Counter . . . - Pearl Jam
F: Forever and Ever, Amen - Randy Travis
G: Goodbye Blue Sky - Pink Floyd
H: Healing Hands - Marc Cohn
I: In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel
J: Jump In the Line - Harry Belafonte
K: Keep Walking - Veggie Tales
L: Long Time Gone - Dixie Chicks
M: Medicine Show - Big Audio Dynamite
N: No One Lives Forever - Oingo Boingo
O: Objection (Tango) - Shakira
P: Pinch Me - Barenaked Ladies
Q: Istanbul not Constantinople - They Might Be Giants
R: Ring of Fire - Elvis Costello
S: Scarborough Fair - Simon & Garfunkel
T: This Woman's Work - Kate Bush
U: True Companion - Marc Cohn
V: Vertigo - U2
W: With or Without You - U2
X: Strong Enough - Sheryl Crow
Y: Yoda - Weird Al
Z: Darkness, Darkness - Solas

And I came across another blog that mentioned a book I liked and recommended, if you would like to see somenone else's opinion:

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