Thursday, November 6, 2008

Poisoned Pedigree

I've never read much LDS fiction, for two reasons; one, the library doesn't have much and two, it tends to be too sentimental for my tastes. I prefer histories to historical fiction, a real biography to a fictionalized account. But I saw this at the library and thought I would give it a shot.

It was nice to read a book written from my cultural point of view. To have people react to situations as I would. When a main character is in trouble and her first reaction is to pray it felt like a breath of fresh air. No cursing, no drinking, no excusing sin and wrong choices, no attempt to show wickedness as happiness. It was refreshing to read a book and not spend any time mentally arguing with it. This is one reason I don't read a lot of regular fiction, I spend too much of my time thinking about how much the main characters would benefit from a visit with the missionaries.
From this books rating on Deseret Book I guess I lucked out and got a very good example of LDS mystery for my first experiment. I have avoided the historical LDS books, but maybe I will look into the LDS books in other genres. There is getting to be quite a few YA fantasy novels coming out of Deseret's non-church imprint, Shadow Mountain. The head children's librarian at our library is the RS president in another ward and I think she is partial to them.
I probably will not get in the habit of reading this author though. The library only has one other, and honestly, it was too short. I like great big books because it takes me more than an hour or two to finish them. Though if you have them at your house, could I borrow some?
Poisoned Pedigree. G.G. Vandagriff. Deseret Book. 2002


jendoop said...

Opening up your blog this morning I did a double take. Just yesturday I went to this author's website because she and her family wrote a book about dealing with depression. It's nice to see the LDS community become more accurately informed about mental illness.
Very nice to hear that the quality of Mormon fiction is improving. I tried a few years back and threw on the towel, the writing was horrid. Don't think I'll be finding this one at my local library.

jendoop said...

clarification- I did not throw 'on' the towel, I threw it in. Although putting a towel over my head seems like a good idea some days.