Friday, December 5, 2008

Insurance manual

It is not very exciting, but I wanted credit for reading the darn thing. Because we are self-employed and live in a rural area, insurance has been difficult to get and keep. Honestly, the main reason I didn't vote for John McCain was that he said he wanted to deregulate the insurance industry. They already are marginally dishonest and mess up people's lives, can you imagine how bad it would be if there were no regulation?
There were a few interesting tidbits hidden within the rules and regs. I am not covered in the event of a terrorist attack. It goes along with the acts of war clause. So who pays the medical bills of people injured through no fault of their own? The government? Or should they sue the terrorists? Please refer back to the last sentence of the previous paragraph.
They also deny coverage for something called Chronic Organic Brain Syndrome. I can understand this, it sounds very made up. I have had this problem since I was born. My brain has been chronically organic and there seems to be no cure. Or perhaps it is an unhealthy obsession with the Borg from Star Trek?

Utah Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool Enrollee Agreement. 2008

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jendoop said...

Does that mean I get credit for all these psych journal articles I'm reading?
Heck even your new camera owners manual could be a book, if it's anything like mine. But then I never read it so I can't say for sure.