Saturday, December 27, 2008


A friend has been telling me for months that I needed to read these books. I had to wait until the library got a new copy of Magyk before I could start. It turned out to be good timing because these were the perfect type of book to read around the holidays; easy, light, entertaining.
They reminded me a lot of David Eddings' books. There were some plot holes and sometimes you knew what was coming way ahead of time but the characters felt like real people. The enjoyment of reading was like visiting some quirky but kind friends for a while.
We listened to Magyk while driving to Salt Lake for Thanksgiving and the boys liked it so I figured I would keep reading the rest of them. There are a few irritating details. Everything that has to do with magic is in bold, which gets on your nerves after a while. And the ghosts show up and help the plot along when it gets stuck.
On the other hand the author is not afraid to kill people off and make the bad guys really bad, not just vaguely threatening. A good series for older children, and light reading for adults. The biggest complaint I have is that I thought the fourth book, Queste, was the last one, but it very obviously was not. I hate having to wait for the end of a series. It was also only half an ending, sort of like the middle Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I hate that. Just make the book longer and put the real ending in.
Oh well, by the time we have read all four of the book out loud to the kids for bed time the fifth one will probably be out.

Magyk, Flyte, Physik, Queste. Angie Sage. HarperTrophy. 2006-2008

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