Friday, December 19, 2008

Warning-Christmas Letter -NB

I figure not everyone I know gets a letter, so here it is for those who are fortunate enough to have concealed your address from me.
This is what happened to us this year, generally. With some adjustments for being presented in a public place.

Oh no! It’s December again! Wasn’t it just July? How can it be the end of the year, I’ve still got so much to do!? Yep, if, like us, you have wasted a good portion of the year staring at a computer screen or watching imaginary people do imaginary things, welcome to the year end wrap up of stuff we did manage to accomplish. If you don’t feel a sense of what you might have done, please go to the end of the letter, where the signatures are, thank you.

We have been in Moab for almost three years! This little town suits us so much, we hope to be here to see the new tree we planted grow and our grandchildren play in it.

D., in addition to running a business that is mostly in the black, is also the Elder’s Quorum president and a great Dad. He reads to the boys almost every night and shows them the stars and planets in his telescope.

K. has just gotten a calling to be in the Nursery third hour, as well as teaching Gospel Doctrine every third Sunday. She still reads, blogs, cooks and takes naps whenever possible. She actually has been tackling all the projects which never seem to get done and aspires to finish at least three of them before the end of the year.

R. is nearly 10 and in the 4th grade. He just earned his Bear badge in Cub Scouts and loves Wii, computer games, history and jumping on the trampoline. He plays the piano every chance he gets, the louder and faster the better.

J. is 8 and was baptized last February. He just earned his Wolf badge from Cub Scouts and loves scouting. He also is taking piano lessons, though we have promised him he can switch when we find someone who teaches something else. He always wants to help and learn whatever Mom and Dad are doing.

E. is 6 and in 1st grade. She loves her teacher and often gets to be the special helper because she reads so well. She is also our social butterfly and has an active social life that her mother has a hard time keeping track of.

M. is 3 and a cheery part of our family. She has a vivid imagination and Mom often gets scolded for answering a question that was directed to her toys and dolls. She has also become an authority on many things, with “told you” being one of her most common phrases.

B. is a happy, active 2 year old. She runs everywhere, calling for M. at the top of her lungs. Being the youngest she has learned to make herself heard. Her favorite thing is to love her dolls and share Maggie’s imaginations.

Our little circus is growing and expanding and learning new tricks. We hope your shows, of whatever type they may be, are also learning and growing. We love you.

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