Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rapunzel's Revenge

The most telling thing about this book was that I was the last person in my house to read it. Even my 7-yr-old loved it so much she sat and read it in one afternoon. All of my kids who can read, read this book in one sitting. So I think as far as the pre-teen audience goes, this is a great book.
I liked it too, but I'm not that much into graphic novels. It was a cute book, a reworking of the Rapunzel story (obviously) and the pictures are great. I just like longer books, something that only takes me a half-hour to read is too short.
I loved the place names (Devil's Armpit for example) and the people. I do need to take some more time and look over the map more closely.
I will probably buy this book at some point, just to complete the set if nothing else. And I just can't resist a books that can draw in my kids that way. I think this was the longest book E. has ever read and she loved it, even cried a little at one part. It is wonderful as long as you don't need a long book to catch your attention.

Rapunzel's Revenge. Shannon Hale. Bloomsbury. 2008

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jendoop said...

Ohh what I wouldn't give to see my 7 yr old sit and read a book all day long. It would make my heart sing. Kill the TV (with accompanying games)- that's the solution.
Someone gave us a bag full of Nancy Drews and Anne of AvonLea. A. is very into the Nancy Drew, had them all lined up on her bed as she slept.