Monday, March 2, 2009

Victory of Eagles

This is the last, for now, of the Temeraire novels, started in His Majesty's Dragon. We went through all them pretty quick, except David skipped book 4. They are all good, but a bit uneven. I will anxiously be looking for the next one though, I'm always looking for a good series.
These were uneven in a weird way, it wasn't that the writing itself was uneven, but the plot was way too much like real life. A lot of hurry up and wait, with the main characters brooding between action scenes. I think a lot of the problem was this was set in Jane Austen's time and she put a lot of the manners of the upper class in. The main character, Cpt Laurence, is of the English gentry, so when he commits an act of treason, is condemned, but is not executed, he spends most of the book agonizing about it. There was a lovely quote, that I cannot put in here because I already sent the book back to the library, about how he was ruining his life by taking over the guilt for the entire war. He then realizes how bad he has messed up his life since what he thought was the defining moment and maybe he should get his act back together. This is a summary, Naomi Novik writes a bit more eloquently than I do.
But the guilt laden angst was laid a bit too thick to make this book one of my favorites, though it did do a good job of showing how such angst affects those around you, which a lot of books leave out, because angst is so much more interesting than the regular people trying to deal with the angstee.
All in all, still better than Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

Victory of Eagles. Naomi Novik. Del Rey. 2008

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