Monday, April 13, 2009

Books I Didn't Finish

Two comments for Christopher Stasheff. First, Vidicon is a really bad name for a character, especially a saint. I kept reading it as vicodin. And while I'm sure that some people do pray for and maybe even to, vicodin, that wasn't the type of book he was trying to write.
Second, allegory is good if you are Nathaniel Hawthorne, but just barely. Allegory comparing software problems to the salvation of souls, probably can't be redeemed even if you could write as well as Hawthorne. And I hate Hawthorne's allegory anyway.
I have liked Stasheff in the past. This type of religious stuff works best in a medieval setting. In fact, I like his fantasy because too many authors like the medieval stuff, but leave out the predominant religious aspect. It does not work in a more modern setting, at least for me.

I received Genghis as a free book. I am supposed to write a review, but I couldn't really get far enough for a review, except for the following. There was WAY too much testosterone and chest beating and "this is how you become a man, my son" for me to continue. I have read non-fiction books about Genghis Khan and enjoyed them, but this was too much for me.

If anyone would like to try their luck, drop me a line. Otherwise they are on their way to the library next time we go.

Saint Vidicon to the Rescue. Christopher Stasheff. Ace. 2005

Genghis: Birth of an Empire. Conn Iggulden. Dell. 2008

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jendoop said...

Just the way "TO THE RESCUE" is written on the Saint book makes me want to laugh. I have no doubt if you couldn't finish them then I couldn't, even under threat of allegory explanation.