Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Meme of the Week- The Last One

I'm still not reading as much as I usually do, but I've run out of memes that are interesting enough to do. I'm getting bored. If I am bored then I wonder if I have now chased every reader away except Jen. I need to do this one to get it out of my head. I have been debating which way to go with this for a while, inane or TMI? The solution?--BOTH! So stop before you get to the bottom, it just gets worse.

25 Things about me you didn't know because you didn't bother to find out.

1. My favorite candy is Cadbury Mini Eggs (Love that Easter candy!)

2. I consider myself a philomath (just learned that word yesterday)

3. I hate sappy movies/books where the only point is to make you cry. I'm not into catharsis.

4. I once got 153 on an online IQ test.

5. I speak bad Spanish with a Portuguese accent.

6. I love the heat and the desert. I feel like part lizard in the spring, just basking in the sun. Then I shed my skin if I stay out too long.

7. I hate crowds. If I didn't have a family I could easily become agoraphobic.

8. I've been trying to exercise for nearly two years. Sum total weight lost: 15 pounds.

9. I'm not very good at resolutions and goals. I write them down, and then fail miserably within days.

10. I enjoy being alone.

11. Part of the reason I read is as an escape and vacation from real life.

12. I almost never laugh out loud, even when I think something is funny.

13. I am really bad at casual conversations. I'm not snubbing you, I just can't think of anything to say.

14. Being pregnant is the most miserable I have ever been, every single time.

15. I hated being the Ward Activities Committee Chairman(person, whatever). I would get a migraine after EVERY activity, and the shakes during most of them.

16. I make David make phone calls if he is around. He thinks I'm silly.

17. Sometimes I wonder if Ryan inherited his Asperger's from me. It shows up differently in girls, and not as severely.

18. I've planned ahead what smart alec remark to make if anyone ever gives me a hard time about my large family. But no one ever has.

19. I wasn't a very good missionary, especially in Chicago where I had to fight a lot of resentment.

20. Sometimes I am amazed at how wonderful my children are. I get teary eyed just watching them play.

21. I can see exactly how the choices I have made led me to the life I now have. I didn't just drift to where I am now, I chose it. There are a lot of details and difficulties and unexpected consequences, and I prayed and received guidance, but I have no one to blame.

22. We will probably have one more child. I know we are not done with our family. I have even thought about fostering children, when our own are a bit older.

23. I consider my marriage to be a result of direct divine intervention.

24. I can map my cycle during the month by my emotional fluctuations.

25. I fight depression every day, if I don't do the right things I start slipping down fast. I have to keep making the correct choices or I won't get through the day. I am grateful every day for repentance.


Steph K said...

Thanks for that! We are a lot alike.


jendoop said...

See you didn't chase everyone away!

Even I learned something about you- I had never heard you admit that about your mission.

And all that stuff about being a loner, not laughing out loud, and possibly having Asperger's? I just knew that as your personality and have never taken it personally. Perhaps that taught me from a young age to accept people who weren't socially outgoing. You can look at that as something your other children could be learning from Ryan.

Tristi Pinkston said...


Would you pop me a note at tristi @, pretty please?