Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star

I've been trying to read these books for a while now but they are always checked out from the library. I guess that shows how popular they are. I finally broke down and listened to the first one while driving up to Salt Lake last month. It was good, but I think the second one is better, mostly because I didn't like the narrator they have reading the books. Without his annoying voice in my head the story was much more enjoyable.
This is another fantasy YA series. They are everywhere nowadays, thanks to Harry Potter. I love it. I think a lot of worthwhile things have gotten published that wouldn't have had a chance before those books were so popular. I was a fantasy geek before HP, so I can be superior and condescending about it.
These books are written by an LDS author and I've found with good books written by LDS authors, Card and Sanderson being two other examples, they weave elements of LDS worldview into their fiction in a way that non-LDS people probably cannot recognise. Most of Xenocide is LDS philosophy, but Card is getting more obvious about his stuff. In these books there have been several important ideas discussed, but the one that I was most impressed by was how the characters decide what to do. In an interior monologue the character, a 14? year old girl, basically goes through the steps of listening to the spirit to decide the best course of action. It is never put in those terms, but it was something a lot of LDS people can recognise.
This is something I love about LDS authors becoming so popular. In writing books for a general audience, they are also disseminating cultural ideas from their own background: not with the intent of proselytising, but just in the natural course of writing their stories. The more these ideas get into the public's mind, the better. It is very exciting to see how many LDS people are becoming published authors, both through the publishers targeting LDS audiences and nationally. We have some very talented people out there. It makes me happy.

Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star. Brandon Mull. Shadow Mountain. 2006

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Maybe we should add a few more to that list of published LDS authors?