Saturday, May 23, 2009

Journal vs. Blog

I have discovered something lately. Well, several somethings actually. First, no matter what you do to them, radishes are basically inedible. Having a large crop of them just means wasted fertilizer. Don't send me recipes, I tried them, didn't work.
Second, having a journal relieves the pressure to blog but does not relieve the pressure to write about something worth thinking about. I have been dedicating myself to a single goal: I will read my scriptures and write in my journal EVERY night. I have tried to make this a priority, even if nothing else gets done, I will do this. I can't seem to make several goals work simultaneously, so I am trying it this way. This seemed like the most important goal, the one which could get me well on my way toward any other I might have later. And, even with only one thing in my mind, I still haven't managed to be 100%. That is why this is a goal and not a "How to be a Scripture Mastery Whiz" blog.
But I have written in my journal much more frequently in the past weeks and I have noticed I don't feel that need to blog that I do a lot of the time. There have been times I have purposely looked for interesting, yet short books to read because I felt like I needed something to say. I could always complain about my children, but that gets boring after a while, and it is not really the children that have the problem.
So now I need to re-evaluate my blog and what type of things I will put on here. I will still write about books, because until I find another mother of five with a passion for sci-fi and fantasy, I'm not going to have any successful books groups. And yes, I've tried. The argument for me expanding my reading repertoire is not for right now, I'm arguing about other things.
So I will probably try for more polished pieces, though this is obviously not one of them. I guess this is in the way of a consumer update. Not quite a warning nor a recall, but a polite notice alerting you to the fact that the product might change with no other advance warning.
And my next blog, after Sunday, is about the very cool lesson I have to teach tomorrow. There is a quote that I love almost enough to make something out of vinyl letters for.

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jendoop said...

Blogging is an interesting beast, we're all trying to figure out best how to use it. Some people try to have a different blog for different things they post- one like a scrapbook, one for business, even an anon blog where they post deep dark secrets but don't tell anyone who they are. I think a blog is whatever a person wants and needs it to be (within the constraints of supporting a civilized society).

That said, I hope you don't post less, for a minute I worried that was your announcement! I look forward to reading more about you.

When DH and I were away for four days I didn't blog and it made me realize something. Having a blog post to look forward to encourages me to see the positive and interesting in my life. I look for those things that would be interesting to others, while still true and applicable to me. It makes me a more grateful and happy person (among other things). Who knew?!

If I stopped blogging I'd just have to write more and mail crazy letters to relatives and ranting editorials to the newspaper.