Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Shadow Rising

One of the biggest problems about having a very long series of books is what happens when one of the earliest is clearly the best. Robert Jordan's series has 11 books so far, but the one book, out of the whole thing, that is by far the best, is this one, book 4.
It moves quickly, it has personal, touching moments for all of the main characters, a battle to the death, a wedding, impressive spectacle and cool things being found out. I have re-read this one more than any of the others and there are parts that still bring me to tears. It is amazing book.
All that is well and good, but there are 7 more after this. The next one especially seems rather anti-climatic. It is still good, but not great. I have high hopes for the Sanderson volume coming out in Nov. Perhaps he can bring back the excitement that went away after this peak.

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jendoop said...

See, I just hear the series has 11 volumes, so far, and I don't even start. :)
Thanks for giving me the super duper readers digest version!