Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This is the type of book I will almost always pick up if I have the chance, a funny book about an odd science topic. It was well-written, funny, in a dreadfully morbid way and I learned somethings. But it was not a good book to pick up and read through quickly. There was just too much of it. Dead bodies are fine for a chapter or two, but after half of the book I was done, though the writer wasn't.
Maybe this would be a better book to own, where you could read a bit, then come back to it a while later and read a little more. As a library book, when I felt a pressure to finish it so David could read it and then get it back, ugh, too much.
The same author has also done a book on sex. I'm a little nervous now, because if she treats the topic the same way, I think I would have the same reaction. Both of these would have been better as long articles in magazines, like the Atlantic or New Yorker than as a full-fledged book.

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. Mary Roach. W.W. Norton. 2003

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jendoop said...

That seems to be true of alot of non fiction now days. The book is too wordy and drawn out, the author should have been content with a chapter in another book or just an article but they want the big bucks.