Monday, June 1, 2009

Armchair Reader

I was tempted to tile this post, Proof of How Geeky I am, or Big Book of Silly Useless Information, or even, Instead of Being Useful, I Read This. I am a trivia nerd. Not as big of one as in the next book I will write about, but I still love these compendiums of odd facts. Since there isn't really a way to review a book like this, other than to say, yes, this was 73% new information, or not, here are a bunch of facts at random that I rather liked:

Many competitors in the 1900 Olympics didn't know the competition they were in was actually THE OLYMPICS. Margaret Ives Abbott, a student from Chicago who won the nine-hole women's golf tournament, dies in 1955 without realizing she was America's first female Olympic champion.

Henry VIII was at least six foot three, as his armor, still on display can attest to.

Nathan Evan (Confederate Army)- As drunkards went, Evans had a decent generaling career, except for one incredible blunder at Kinston (North Carolina, 1862). Ordering a fighting withdrawal across a river under heavy Federal assault, Evans burned a bridge behind him. That would have worked well had he not accidentally left half his force on the far bank. Observing the scene from a safe distance, he mistook his forsaken troops' gunsmoke for Union fire and ordered his artillery to shell his own men.

Peep dueling is a popular "sport" that involves placing two Peep marshmallow confections in a microwave oven, facing each other. The duelists each insert a toothpick into their Peep and start the microwave, causing the Peeps to expand. The first Peep to deflate the other with its toothpick wins!

"Things are more like they are now than they ever were before." Pres. Dwight Eisenhower

"I do not believe in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance." Thomas Carlyle

OK, that's enough random things for today. I also made the list of activities for the summer. If I am really good I will even post pictures of all our Friday activities. But don't hold your breath or anything.

Armchair Reader: The Book of Incredible Information, a World of Not-So-Common Knowledge. J K Kelly. Publications Intl. 2008


jendoop said...

It always makes me feel better to hear the stupid things important people say and do.

Are you going to show us your activity list?

readerMom said...

I don't know what things we will end up doing. I made a list and then I let the kids choose. We have Upheaval Dome, Sand Dune Arch, Hole in the Rock, Moonflower Canyon, playing in the creek, walking and looking at the touristy things downtown, etc. It all depends on what the kids choose.
I am planning on posting Fri night the days activities, thanks to the new digital camera.