Friday, June 5, 2009

Fun Friday, episode 1 Season 2 part 2

Ok, for some reason I couldn't get the rest of the pictures to show up, there might be a limit on # of pictures. I'd didn't feel like messing with it, so we have a sequel. But you didn't have to wait a whole year so its not that bad.
There were two fires through here last year, so a lot of the trees are dead. The blind I took this picture from was burned down and just replaced a few weeks ago. But the reeds and grasses are doing well.

Doesn't this tree look like some evil octopus thing rising from the depths?
I know people who live in wetter parts of the world might find this funny, but my kids were completely amazed by the amount of trees all squished together here. Their idea of a forest is either pine, with no undergrowth, or a band of tree and shrubs about ten feet wide next to a creek. This view is very unusual for us.

There was some exploring

But the wind started blowing hard and Bridget decided it was time to leave

A good morning's walk. We didn't see any wetlands-type wildlife. The weather was against us and I did have five noisy kids. But the trees and water were good enough.

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jendoop said...

Neat to see your part of the world, and how big your kids are getting. Glad you're getting out to explore, you'll be able to show us the best sites when we're there.