Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun Friday, episode 2 - Hole in the Rock

Today we went to world famous Hole in the Rock. It is one of the roadside attractions with no real theme, other than lots of stuff we like all scattered around the property. It has a petting zoo, which is the real reason we come here every summer, but this may be our last one because they now charge admission and $3.75 is a bit steep when you have five kids to take in. But we had fun and I have lots of pictures of the back of my children.
The Fallow Deer were the favorite because you could feed them our of your hand.

The miniature donkeys were nice too. B. kept making horse noises at them.

Then there is all the other weird junk, like this jail cell, filled with potted plants.

And the kids posing on statuary.

There were rabbits running around all over the place, and lizards, but B. couldn't catch any.

One the other side of "the Rock" is a very nice rest area with trails up into the hills. This is really what J. wanted to do.

The little ones got pretty good at climbing up the rocks. And we didn't tear out the seat of anyone's pants! A successful outing for all.

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jendoop said...

Yeah for keeping clothing intact! The last picture of your two girls climbing up the rocks reminds me of us when we were young.