Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Spellman Files

Have you ever read a book in which you just didn't connect with all the characters, but still found the book entertaining? I enjoyed reading this book, it was a light mystery, very funny, which I was in the mood for. But I just couldn't feel like I was reading about a real person. Perhaps there are people like the main characters, but her voice felt so different from my experience that it didn't seem realistic to me.
The main character, the first person narrative voice, is a 28-yr old woman who lives with her parents and has worked for them in their PI business since she was 12. Because she doesn't feel she can get away from her parents she does all sorts of destructive things instead. As a teenager she was every kind of trouble and as an adult she doesn't pass out on the lawn anymore, but she still acts like she is 13 in a lot of ways.
It is funny, as long as I just read the book, and didn't think about her much, it was an enjoyable read. But now as I sit here and think about the family and how they worked together it is sad. Rather than get out and work out whether she wants to be a part of the family business, the main character sneaks out of windows and lies. There are more books in this series and I don't think I could stand to read them unless she starts to grow up a bit.

The Spellman Files. Lisa Lutz. Pocket Books. 2009

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jendoop said...

I recently read Marry Me by Updike. Those characters were horrid, one sort-of likeable in a ridiculously dysfunctional way. I finished it anyway, I kept hoping the major delimma would be solved and the book would improve. At bookgroup no one else liked it either, but we all finished - that is unusual.

There are two women I know who love Janet Evanovich, have even traveled distances to her book signings. I read one and couldn't stand the main character, your description of the main character in this book reminded me of her.