Thursday, July 9, 2009

Codex Alera

This is one of the biggest reasons my husband is grateful we don't live in a town with a Barnes & Noble or other similarly large bookstore in it. On my wonderful getaway two weeks ago I stopped in at the B&N in Bountiful, and came out with five books. Three of the five were books in this series. When I went to my local bookstore to see about the others they had book 3. So now I had 4 books in the series and I figured that book five, which I ordered, was the last.
Until I looked at Jim Butcher's website and saw the citation, "Book 6 of the Codex Alera comes out in only 5 months!" (or something like that). Now I like reading books by current authors. I like to buy new books and feel that I am supporting someone whose work I enjoy. I just have a problem with waiting for the next book in a series, any series. Finding out thata series I was looking forward to finishing was not was irking, to say the least. David has heard minor rants about this for two days now.
I feel like an addict who has been denied her drug of choice. At least with series withdrawal you don't get a headache, though you might give one to others. My book budget needs to be expanded because I have lost the patience to wait until books I want come out in softcover. If I restrict myself to one new hardback a month that's OK, right? Along with miscellaneous softcovers whenever I happen to be in the neighborhood of a B&N. I'm going to have to start tutoring from home or something if I find any more currently writing authors I want to collect.
About the actual books, they are pretty good. Obviously, if they were crappy I wouldn't be irritated that I couldn't read all of them now.
The series is well written, with really good battle scenes. It reminds me a little bit of David Weber. You get the feeling that the author knows what he is talking about, at least as much as someone living today can. It has a concrete magic system, with definite rules and restrictions and characters I enjoy reading about. It feels real, as much as a fantasy book can.
If I lived in Las Vegas I would have read all of them by now from my library and would be moving on to something else without having spent too much money. My book buying has doubled or more since moving to Moab. Its a good thing bookcases are cheap.

Furies of Calderon. Jim Butcher. Ace. 2005 + sequels


Priscilla said...

If it makes you feel any less irked, Alera #6 is the final book in the series. :D

gaby317 said...

Oh no!! I have been so looking forward to book 6 and onward. I've really enjoyed the Codex Alera series and buying a new book each year.