Friday, July 10, 2009

FF-Canyonlands-Needles district

We decided to drive down to the southern part of Canyonlands and go hiking with the Blanding cousins this morning. It started off well, we left the house at 7:50, right on schedule to get there around 9. Then we had to get gas, and go back for the park pass and the camera and Bridget threw up and threw up again. We arrived 45 minutes late and did stuff with cousins for about 30 minutes. It wasn't the most productive family time we've ever had.
We went on the Roadside Ruins hike, which is more of a stroll. And what you see at the end is worth the effort to get there.

The little ones liked the numbered posts along the route.

We also visited the Visitors' Center. We like the dioramas. The mousie is very cute, or so I was told.

After the cousins left for home we went on one more short hike, to Cave Spring. And sure enough, there is a shallow cave with a year-round spring. There was moss and spiders and coolness.

The rock formations were very cool. Here E. is being a grump near some of them. A lot of the hike had overhangs from formations called mushrooms. Imagine a trail under the edge of gigantic stone mushrooms and you have an idea of what it was like.

There were also two ladders, which scared E. but with some prodding from her mother she made it. And the last half of the walk was in the sun. Hiking in Canyonlands near noon in July is strongly discouraged, at least by us. Come in October, it is much cooler then.

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