Friday, July 3, 2009

FF- Slickrock Bike Trail

After a remarkable cool June the sun has come out. The appropriate time for this outing was 8:00. Unfortunately we left at 10:00. When we ran out of water we turned back, so I don't think we even went a mile. The sign says it all really.

Walking it is not so bad, but I can't even imagine wanting to ride a bike here. M. liked climbing the rocks and being up high.

We found a little cave that all the kids thought was neat, but too full of spiderwebs.

R. hates hiking and felt no embarrassment on showing us he was done walking. I keep making him come on these activities. I don't think he will become an avid hiker, but he might learn to stop whining about it so much.

This view is about a mile and a half from our house and not more than two miles from the river, nice bleak landscape to wander around in July, isn't it?

One of the benefits of living in Moab is that they shoot fireworks from these cliffs and those of us in the town can sit on our lawns and see them. The echoes off the canyon walls are a great extra. Happy 4th.

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jendoop said...

That picture of Ryan cracks me up!

Your backyard is gorgeous, when you have plenty of drinking water and are viewing it from an air conditioned house.