Monday, July 6, 2009

Witches, Incorporated

This is a sequel to The Apprentice Wizard which I liked. This one was good too, but in an odd way. I was in the mood for a light book, which this was, sort of. The style and dialogue and even the plot tends to be light, but the reactions of the characters is not. It is like watching James Bond and then having all the spies agonize over the killing. It throws you out of the story and makes you see that all the violence is bad and a normal person couldn't jump into being a spy without some deep soul searching and regrets. It was handled well, not over the top and preachy, nor tear laden and melodramatic, just sincere.
So here we have a light spy/fantasy book with some deep morality issues. I can't decide if I liked the book because of this, or in spite of it.
I like the setting as well. Fantasy books have really started to branch out in the last few years, no more strictly medieval castles. This one is set in a sort of Edwardian period, lots of rules yet an awareness that maybe the rules should be changed. This time was the real era of suffragettes and progressive government as well as lots of new scientific discoveries. Mills got the feel of the era down well, and then put magic in.
I am interested in where the series is going and what she will do with the characters now she has them all working together.

Witches, Incorporated. K.E. Mills. Orbit. 2009

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