Thursday, August 20, 2009

Too Tired to Read

You wouldn't think that would be possible, but it is. I am re-reading a few things, but very slowly. I don't have the brain power for anything new. I've decided my brain during pregnancy is like a computer when you are listening to web radio, printing, downloading and trying to play a game all at the same time. There is not enough capacity and it freezes.
But I have found a bit of consolation. The LDS church recently started a web radio and they have some very cool podcasts. The two I like best are Conversations and Everything Creative. The first is an hour long interview with various church people. like Elder Bednar. And the other is sort of a round table about creativity. One person is interviewed one week and the next time they interview someone else. also has all the lesson manuals as well as the scriptures on MP3. So I have started listening to the current Relief Society lesson manual, since I haven't been to RS in a long time.
BYU has some good podcasts as well, particularly one called Thinking Aloud that has all sorts of interesting topics.
So when the stupor turns more to stupid I can listen and feel like my brain still works, at least a little bit.


jendoop said...

I hope you're holding it together. It is good to have gone through it before, to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Elvia said...

I was reading my old college journals last night--couldn't sleep--and thought I'd share this with you:
2 Aug 1995
"I stayed up late listening to the Cure's "Mixed Up" CD that I borrowed from Kathy {She's so cool. I love her CD's, her books, her tastes, her whole personality. I'm glad that I know her.}"
I'm still glad. I hope you feel better.