Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Wheel of Time Re-Read

I haven't had much patience for new books lately. I just don't feel like expending the effort to get into the characters and plot. Especially with modern fiction, in which the first third of the book introduces the characters and the plot doesn't really get going until later on. I just don't care enough to put that much effort in right now.
So I have been re-reading the Wheel of Time Books by Robert Jordan. Since there are 11 of them it has taken me a while. If you are curious there is a much better and funnier commentary of these books going on a
I have written about why I like these books so much previously, but this time I was really struck by how enjoyable it is to read these again. There is so much detail that you catch new information the second and even the third time you go through them. There aren't many books that have that kind of information packed into them. As I read the last one (so far) Knife of Dreams, I honestly was regularly surprised by plot details I had missed the first time. It felt like someone had added extra chapters while it had been sitting on the shelf.
I wasn't looking forward to reading books 9 & 10 because I remembered them as frustratingly slow, with not that much happening to move the main plot forward. This time I enjoyed them much more. I could see why each chapter was there, and each chapter had a point and an important reason for being there. I think I thought these books rambled before because I had certain ideas about what would happen in the book before I read it. Since these things did not happen I was frustrated. Reading it without those expectations, I could just look and enjoy what was there.
Now I am even more excited for the next book to come out at the end of October. Though I am sure I will need to read it several twice to pick up all the details.

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