Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Pics

So I actually finished the costumes, though I was still working until right before they left. But all the kids are happy and only one tummy ache at bedtime.
These are the pumpkins that we put out on our tree house . They look like they are floating there once it gets dark.
One very satisfied ballerina princess. Tip for next year, never try to sew a tutu, it is harder than it looks.
A slightly confused cowgirl. Her ankle did fine, though she was hurting by the end of the night. But no way was she going trick-or-treating with crutches.
So what is he? Mad Cow Disease? Bull with a vendetta? nope, a minotaur. And he even liked the feeble efforts of his parents to portray such a thing. AS he learns more esoteric things, like Greek Mythology, his costumes get harder.

Some form of ghost, I'm still not sure what kind. He was so excited to go get candy that he forgot the glow-in-the-dark paint we got for his hands and face.
B. refused to let me take her picture until she came home. And then only because J. was getting his picture taken. Thanks to my sister for the Magenta costume that required nothing more of me than to find it in the costume box.
Happy Halloween!

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jendoop said...

Thanks for the pictures and great job with the costumes. What a child wants to be for Halloween can be telling about their personalities. So I feel like maybe I know your kids a little better. Minotaur - that's so R!