Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reality Check

As the mother of five children I get a lot of comments like , "Wow, you must be busy" or "I couldn't keep up, my two are all I can handle," and similar comments. They are all meant to politely express the speakers astonishment that I seem to be sane and at least moderately intelligent and yet have so many kids. (I can't wait until my pregnancy is obvious to someone other than my husband.) I don't mind and for the most part I feel that these concerns are overblown. I don't feel nearly as busy as a lot of mothers I know who spend all their time shuttling kids to activities and volunteering and working and a multitude of other things. My days are pretty much open and its not that much more work to feed 7 than 4 or 5.
Then we have weeks like this one has been. My children tend to have problems one or maybe two at a time. This week we counted four and one an extra time consuming and worrisome event. I honestly think this is one of the few times I've really felt as harried as others seem to assume I must be all the time.
With all the waiting rooms and driving I've been doing I've also had time to think about the large family stress I have been feeling. And my conclusion is, I'd rather have this type of stress than the self-induced busyness that I see around me. B. will figure out her bathroom timing issue; E will heal eventually, even if the doctors can't figure out what is wrong; J.'s eyes and teeth are all repaired now, at least for another year and R. will probably not have another fight at school (I'm praying on this one, and on all the others really). All these things will pass. It was only coincidence that it all is happening at once.
But my family is forever. Right now things are a bit labor intensive, but nothing worth doing is easy. The work and stress I put into my "job" will all be paid back 100-fold in the days, years and even millenia to come. I'm grateful for the waiting required for many a crisis, it helps get my mind out of the frenzy and panic and looking forward to the (usually brief) time before the next problem.
Thanks for reading all the way to end. I am trying to post every week, but sometimes I only have my own mental circles to comment on.

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jendoop said...

It is one of those weeks for me too. I'm going to call you.