Monday, November 2, 2009

B is for Books

I partially think I should look for something less obvious, but I am very thankful for books. Not only books, but libraries, the printing press, authors, public schools, near universal literacy, easily available scriptures, picture books, reading to my children, my children reading and late night reading in my comfy chair.
As long as I can remember I have been a book worm. For the longest time I felt silly when asked about my hobbies because I only had one: reading. It is as much of a part of my personality as . . . well, right now I can't think of a part of my personality that wasn't influenced by books.
I love Sunday afternoons when my older children all curl up with books. I love it when my littlest comes and smacks me with a picture book, "Weed me!" she yells as she climbs up. R. has started to read novels and I love sharing with him. It helps that he enjoys the same type of books I do. I am starting to figure out J.'s preferences, he is a nonfiction kid, because he hates the type of tension you find in a regular book.
I love reading aloud and sharing with my sweet husband. He wasn't much of a reader when we got together, but I have corrupted him and now he ignores his children when we get a new book nearly as much as I do. I love reading the same book and sharing the good parts and quoting bits to each other later. It is like our own private language because when you quote a movie, a lot of people will know what it is from, but rarely will anyone recognize a book quote.
I am grateful that I can buy books and that in the last year or two I have found authors good enough I think it is worth buying their books hardcover. I am glad that my chosen genres are becoming more popular and there are so many things to explore and learn.
I love that you can always learn something from a book. Even the most worthless one will at least teach you what to avoid. Fiction might be made up, but there is always some sort of detail that is new, or an idea you haven't had before.
And most of all, right now I am grateful that my pregnant brain has let up a bit and I am reading again. It felt very odd not to be reading. I missed the books, but couldn't get up the mental energy I needed to read them. I am still not up to reading difficult and complex things, but light fantasy and "cosy" mysteries are great. And some of the mysteries even have recipes I might use. I love the fact that there are so many types of books out there. No matter my mood, there is something to fill it. We are so blessed to live in such a rich time and I am very grateful.