Tuesday, November 3, 2009

C is for Constitution

I thought of this earlier, otherwise this post would be for Completing the laundry (for now). I voted today and I am always amazed at how boring this event is. Despite complaints here and there, we don't have to worry about someone rigging our elections. (If you have a favorite conspiracy election theory, please don't tell me because I won't believe you). They run in a completely pedestrian, boring manner and no one takes to the streets when they lose.
I have heard people from other countries say that one of the things that makes America so great is its bureaucracy. Because ours works. The amount of corruption is small and even important people can be sent to jail. It doesn't take months and a barrel full of cash to get a permit for something. You don't expect to negotiate with the county clerk to get your car licensed.
All of this stems from the balanced powers developed in the Constitution. We have practiced this whole democracy thing for over two hundred years. So many of the countries that have problems are just starting to work it out. We were also blessed with honorable leaders in the beginning when everything could have gone wrong. In just the stage where so many other lands end up with dictators and corruption and misery, we had the founding fathers, willing to risk everything to start this new country off right.
I want you to remember to be involved, even if it is no more than to vote. For one thing, I firmly hold to the axiom that if you don't vote you can't complain. For another, if everyone who complained voted, things might be different. It is difficult to listen to the news sometimes, especially if you feel you can't do anything, but if you get annoyed enough, maybe you will be inspired to find a way to make a difference.
We have been incredibly blessed, we should act on and use that blessing.

And as a side note, PLEASE find out the facts before passing on untrue political rumours. The boneheaded things I have seen, from both sides, makes me want to require intelligence tests before elections. There are many places on the web you can go for fact checking, snopes, politifact.com and many others. Don't pass on rumors just because you wish they were true.

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jendoop said...

Good post, especially when people on both sides of the issues are over reacting. Your. Disclaimer at the end is good.

We know a man who recently immigrated, legally, from Equador. He is determined to follow the law and keep his integrity through the immigration process. The result is that his wife remains in Equador after 3 years. It seem that the powers that be are trying to get a bribe to let her out of the country. This is not a unique event. He told us that he has considered returning to Equador to be with his wife, so his daughters could be with their mother. The oppotunities here are too good. There is safety because of the laws, there is education beyond anything available in Equador, and there are mountains of opportunities.
He really opened my eyes to how great this country is.