Monday, November 9, 2009

E is for Education

I still plan on being thankful for the entire alphabet, though planning on blogging everyday was overly optimistic. I might still be doing this at Christmas. That is OK, more thankfulness is not a bad thing.
We recently had a bond election for the schools that failed miserably. It has made me worry about what will happen to my children in the coming years. The problem is big enough to make the news. Since the tax vote failed they have floated such things as closing the Jr high and placing the 7th graders at the elementary and the 8th at the high school. Laying off 25-35 teachers, eliminating all extracurricular activities, and other similarly drastic measures. I don't know what will actually happen and I am grateful that we have the resources to help our children do well without depending on the schools.
But I am very grateful I live in a place where I do trust the schools. When I meet the teachers they have all been people I trust with my children. I am VERY grateful that I do not have to home school my children. I know it works for some people, but I would need some pretty amazing blessings to manage it for our family.
Next year I will have 4 kids in elementary school and Bridget in pre-school. That is a lot of trust and a lot of papers coming home every day. The planning of the teachers and the efforts they make on my children's behalf is appreciated.
I am also grateful for the education I received. I was lucky enough to have teachers who challenged me and gave me extra things to think about. I was in gifted and talented programs in many different places. I managed to avoid the swamp of Jr high entirely and spent those years in a very sheltered spot in a regular high school. Though I must admit I did not take advantage of all the opportunities I was given, I did learn and progress.
I am grateful for a system that still enables people to put themselves through school if they work hard and are willing to pay for it. I received scholarships and got loans and worked my way through college. My children will do the same. An education that is not earned is not appreciated.
Thank you to my teachers, my parents and all those who have taught me in many ways through my life. Learning is still one of my favorite things and I hope to continue doing it forever.

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jendoop said...

Sorry the bond didn't pass. Wonder if it will correlate with increased crime and low wages in 20 years?

It is a blessing when all your kids have good teachers.