Thursday, November 12, 2009

F is for Fetus

I had my mid-way ultrasound today. As far as I could tell the baby is healthy and the proper size and most likely a boy. He is also a wiggle-worm. I don't think any of my babies have moved as much during an ultrasound. It was very funny.
This pregnancy has been interesting. There have been numerous reasons for us to decide to have another baby. Most of the promptings are either too convoluted or too private to discuss on a blog, but I can share one thing: this baby has had a name since before he was conceived. Seeing that he was a boy was just one more confirmation that the Lord really does want us to have this child in our home.
I have been so blessed to be able to bear children and to help more of our Heavenly Father's children receive bodies so they can continue to progress. It is an honor and a privilege. Perhaps I should print that out and post it somewhere, maybe in the bathroom.
I won't hide it, I never have, that pregnancy is very difficult for me. All the little perks, feeling the baby move, etc. never really compensate for 9 months of brain damaged, physically impaired insanity. What does compensate however is the joy and love of having a new child in our home. Each one has blessed our home in so many ways. I look forward to getting to know this new little spirit as well. Only 20 more weeks!

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jendoop said...

How exciting! Thanks for sharing this milestone.

Now for me to figure out how to get a plane ticket to your little airport in 20 weeks... I wish.