Tuesday, November 17, 2009

G is for Garden

The first gardening catalogue of the season arrived yesterday. Those wonderful catalogues are one of the things that get me through the winter. I love the flowers, the new kinds of vegetables, the completely unlikely dreams of huge harvests and days spent canning. If I ever get as good at gardening as I am at thinking about it I will feed the whole neighborhood.
This last spring I did better with the garden that I have before. It is one thing that I can see my progress each year. Once the morning sickness showed up the garden suffered, but there was still improvement. As all our progress happens line by line, I like having something that I can see that progress in a measurable way.
I also love being outside in the sun. Pulling weeds is very soothing, in a mindless way. There aren't any complications when you work in the garden; is it a vegetable plant? No, then pull it. Very simple. If my kids are out there too I enjoy teaching them about the plants and watching them work(ish). If they aren't outside then I get quiet time, which is very valuable too.
This spring I will not be planting the garden myself. Prime gardening time will be interrupted by the birthing process. But David will plant and I can spend summer days getting myself back together by working in my garden, growing food for my family.

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jendoop said...

This post reminded me of the time we spent together weeding your garden. It was a nice chance to talk.