Monday, November 2, 2009

A is for Apples

I've been pondering doing something to help my mental state and when I noticed that Thanksgiving was on the 26th of November I had a mild epiphany. I will try and write an ABC of thankfulness. Don't expect anything profound, because I'm not experiencing that type of eloquent brain activity. Mostly I want to get my mind into a better position, both mental and spiritual. My desire to be positive with this pregnancy, especially since I chose to have another child is battling with the natural desire to grump at everyone because I hate how I feel when I am pregnant. I won't be posting every day, since we don't turn on the computer on Sunday, but I will at least say something for every letter.

A is for Apples

Healthy eating has been duking it out with convenience the last few months. Thankfully all of my children like apples, which is one of the few foods in both camps. David has been doing very well in his effort to eat less sugar and I am trying to change my shopping and snacking habits to match. Changing the eating habits of my children is a bit harder. Things like apples, baby carrots and cheese logs help. Halloween does not, but we will run out of candy soon.
I generally don't like apple juice, which means my children now think it is as good of a treat as pop or punch. While it might be loaded with sugar, it still came from a tree and not a plant.
Now all I have to do is convince them that applesauce is edible and we'll be good. Though that is probably not going to happen, they don't even like applesauce cookies.
Thank you Heavenly Father, for the apple.

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jendoop said...

In trying to stick to my local and organic ideas we have eaten A LOT of apples. Apple cider is the drink of choice. Applesauce is yummy with graham crackers.

BUT now we're sick of them. I gave in a bought regular ol' grapes and oranges. Pomegranites don't grow nearby here either, but I might get kicked out of our family if I don't buy at least one!

There was a Michael Polan movie on PBS - The Botany of Desire - he spoke about humans' relationship with 4 plants, the apple was one. It was interesting.