Tuesday, December 1, 2009

J is for Joints

After a very long Thanksgiving break, which was mostly enjoyed and completely survived by everyone, I am ready to get back to a semi-normal life. It won't be completely normal because it is December. But I love December and all the stuff that goes with it. I've started the Christmas carols. I find them very soothing when what I want to do overwhelms what I can do.
Today I chose joints because they are cool. Remember the Primary song? "I'm all made of hinges cause everything bends. . ." Though they often cause problems, where would we be without them? In the same place because we couldn't move.
My sweet daughter, E. will be getting an MRI on Thursday for her difficult hinge, her left ankle. We took her to Primary Children's to see the doctor of last resort. At least now I know we won't have to go to anyone else, he has to figure it out. So we will get a pretty, multicolored image of her ankle, and hopefully all will be revealed.
Our bodies are amazing, the more I learn about them the more I am grateful for a mostly healthy body. It is like pregnancy, the surprising thing isn't that babies are born with defects, the amazing thing is that so few are. The way we move, grow and heal are all miracles, every day.

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jendoop said...

It sounds as though you've found a doctor who will help. I'm sorry her problem continues and hope she'll be on the road to healing soon.