Saturday, December 12, 2009

M is for Moab

I have talked a lot about the town I live in. We moved to this tiny, isolated community from Las Vegas and haven't had a moment of regret. In the age of cars, and over-night FedEx you can't complain about the availability of products.
The beauty looking out my front porch is wonderful. So many talk about how going out in nature helps them remember God's love and feel rejuvenated. I am blessed enough to feel that just looking out my window.
I can let my children walk to school. I know the teachers and see them at the store. I have two of the three maternity nurses at the hospital living in my neighborhood, one of them across the street. The librarians know me, the grocery clerks know me, we have so many of the benefits of living in a small town.
Yet, because of the nature of our town, we have a bookstore, a good after school program, and a healthy artistic community. Some of the insular nature of small towns, (Utah ones in particular) is alleviated by the nature of the tourists that come through and those who came "just for the summer" and stayed for love of the area.
Can you tell I love it here? I hope this post didn't sound too boastful. I love living here and hope to be here a very long time. I am grateful that we are blessed enough to find a place that suits us so well.


MoabUtah said...

Have you any ideas what would help the enormous school debt? Is Connie one of the nurses in your neighborhood? She is paying attention to the school dilemma.

readerMom said...

I want to know what they are going to do with the Red Rock property. That should be worth a lot. Yes, Connie lives across the street.