Saturday, December 19, 2009

N is for Notes

Ryan's piano recital was this week. I generally hate these things, because our piano teacher gets together with several others, so there were 21 students at this one. That is too many. But we love our Ryan and we go every time. One of Ryan's pieces was Binary Sunset from Star Wars(the original one). He has a great ability to put feeling into his pieces. You could see the scene, where Luke is standing in front of the two suns going down, melancholy and alone. It was beautiful. I even heard a whispered "Wow." as he finished.
I love having my children take music lessons. I never did and it is something I always wished I could catch up on. Having the piano in my home is such a treat, even when it is the three-year old playing it. There is just something about live music, being produced in my home, that makes me happy.
I am also grateful for all of the many ways we have of bringing music into our home. I think MP3 players are wonderful. Mine has a connection to the stereo and is almost always going. The variety of music that is available is so wonderful and overwhelming. Then we have the radio, my left-over CDs, Pandora. This is a golden age for the music lover. Not so much for someone who enjoys silence, or wants only good music, but they can learn to live with it.
My boys have discovered Weird Al (though it is mostly my fault), we have Christmas carols going all the time, and my little girls sing while they play and are happy. Music is a part of our lives and I am very grateful.

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jendoop said...

Oh, I wish I could have been there for his recital. It is so amazing to see the talents that come out of our children!

I love music too.