Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Book List-January

I've entered the sedentary portion of my pregnancy, and you can't crochet all day. In fact I can't crochet very long at all. So I'm reading more. I'm also accepting recommendations. Don't feel slighted if yours never shows up here, I am only reading what I can find at the library. I remember now how frustrated I was by our small library at this point in my last pregnancy. Oh well, if I really need something to read I can always go back to the Wheel of Time books, they take up a lot of time.

Daemons are Forever. Urban fantasy with the sensibility of a James Bond novel. Slightly silly and a bit violent, but entertaining. Just like the Bond movies I suppose, though I haven't seen any of the new ones. These books are more on the level of Roger Moore, not as good as Sean Connery.

Heart's Blood. Don't you hate it when you guess the big important plot twist 1/3 of the way in? I then spent the rest of the book waiting for the real plot twist, but unfortunately that was it. It was well written other than that. This is the first of a series, but I probably won't be reading the others. If I can figure out one book by an author I can generally figure out the rest.

Magician. Silverthorn. A Darkness at Sethanon. Prince of the Blood. Standard fantasy fare. I've found myself attracted to these epic fantasies a bit more lately. I started this series once before and never got into it, but my standards always relax a bit when I am pregnant. And luckily enough, there are at least 5 more of these at the library.

Truly, Madly. In the middle of the coldest winter my town had seen in over 30 years I received a very timely package, the ARC for this book. Though not a serious, important book by any means, it was perfect for lightening the winter dark a bit.
The romance was fun. The touch of magic even funner. The mystery part a bit pedestrian but enjoyable. The ending came abruptly and was the weakest part of the story.
A cute story, just right for a light-hearted afternoon's read.

Inside the Victorian Home. I didn't actually read all of this. It was too dry for me. I skimmed through and read bits here and there. The two things stuck with me. The amount of cleaning that had to be done because all the heating was done with coal was incredible. I don't think we appreciate how cleaner our lives are because of electricity and power plants. There was also a passage talking about How-to books. They had them back then too. And just like now, they weren't so much a guide as to the best way to do things as a means to guilt every woman who read them into feeling inferior. The author was insightful enough to realize that just because the household hints book suggested doing something, it didn't mean that most women really did it that way. Take that Martha Stewart.

Rhapsody in Green. This was a sweet little book. Though I got it from the library it is more of a gift book, the kind with little quotes to lift your day. This one has quotes about gardening from an English writer named Beverly Nichols. It was a nice lift, especially on a day that it is snowing, again.

The Still. Terrible book. Bad enough I was kept awake thinking about how many aspects of the book I really disliked. I skipped ahead to the ending, because I couldn't see how the main character could improve over time like the blurb on the back said. It turns out, he didn't.

That's all for now, but I am sure I will be reading an amazing amount in the next month or two, since standing for any length of time causes a great deal of discomfort and pain. My butt is firmly in the reading chair.

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jendoop said...

SOrry you aren't doing well. I can tell by what you are reading that you really aren't well. Take care of yourself.