Monday, January 18, 2010

The Creation

Back to teaching Sunday school. Because of some swaps it has been a long time. Rotating with three of us means complete unpredictability for the ward. It is always nice to see the pleased, "Oh, its you today!" looks as people file in. The lesson was on the creation. I would recommend going outside for a start. Even in the winter the beauty and majesty of God's creation can take your breath away if you let it.
There were two bits that impressed me in the lesson. The first was a quote I found while thinking of the importance of being grateful for what we have been given. J. Reuben Clark said, “Hold fast to the blessings which God has provided for you. Yours is not the task to gain them, they are here; yours is the part of cherishing them” (Church News, 14 June 1969, 2). Italics added.
The idea of not just appreciating our blessings, but cherishing them appealed to me.
Then I closed the lesson with this scripture from Moses 7:30,
And were it possible that man could number the particles of the earth, yea, millions of earths like this, it would not be a beginning to the number of thy creations; and thy curtains are stretched out still; and yet thou art there, and thy bosom is there; and also thou art just; thou art merciful and kind forever;
When we look at pictures in space, like this one from the Hubble telescope, and see the countless stars and the infinity of the Lord's creation and then back at ourselves, it is easy to feel insignificant and useless. But we have the promise that He knows each of us by name. Amid the enormity of the universe, He is there for me and for you and each of us, one by one. That seems to be one of the biggest miracles of Creation.

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jendoop said...

I like the quotes. The Sunday school lesson I attended was interesting, the teacher went onan interesting tangent. So thanks for your very applicable comments.