Friday, January 15, 2010

Navel gazing, as if I could

This blog will be trending toward not much of anything in the next few months. The portion of pregnancy that makes everyone miserable, not just me is starting and I'm not sure how bad it will get. With morning sickness starting again, the weird carsick dizziness that goes with it and increasing contractions, I am well on my way to being completely useless.
I wish these physical symptoms just left me with time to think deep thoughts, or read or think at all, but my mind becomes very disjointed. I still have things I want to think about, or blog about, but I also have a little black notebook for these thoughts so I can save them for a time when I am mentally able to go more than five minutes at a time on the same track.
So while I have a desire to blog and communicate, I lack the ability.
I figured I may as well post a weekly update and note what books of small literary value I read during the week. If I get too whiny or boring, let me know.
Babyville: I'm not sure why I've been attracted to "Chick-lit" books this pregnancy, probably because I know that They are funny, light and generally don't require me to think further than "Why are all these women pressing on with a life that makes them unhappy?" Since this was about several women in various stages of having their first child it gave me an opportunity to laugh at a stage of life I'm well past. And I love the skirt on the front cover.

Talon of the Silver Hawk: While I enjoy fantasy, a lot of it can be denser that I am up to now. One way of determining whether I want to read it is font size. Large font usually means not very serious stuff. Urban fantasy also tends to be lighter, if you can avoid the sex and blood drenched ones. This was a nice little novel, sort of a coming of age thing. It has several more to go so I have some options next time I go to the library.

If you have any suggestions as to light reads, I'm open, though my library is sadly lacking in many things I want to read.


jendoop said...

Good tip about font size, thanks!

I'm sadly at a loss for book suggestions, I'm stuck without anything right now. But I should be studying my humanities textbook so that's Ok.

Sorry it's that time in your pregnancy. I saw a woman I didn't know at church today with a newborn and I so wanted to hold it. But I restrained myself, she might feel uncomfortable letting a strange woman hold her baby.

C.J. said...

Oh, I hate that! I go through reading "dry spells", and it's so discouraging. I'm assuming from your picture that you've read everything by Feist...I thought his books were all fairly easy reads. Recently, I've also enjoyed,

* the "Mistborn" trilogy, by Brandon Sanderson (who teaches English at BYU!)
* the "Queen of the Orcs" trilogy, by Morgan Howell
* the first two books of the "Shadowed Path" trilogy, again by Morgan Howell
* "Magic Lost, Trouble Found", the first in Lisa Shearin's new series
* "The Briar King", by Greg Keyes
* Simon Green's "Nightside" series is VERY light reading, and a lot of fun

In non-fantasy fiction, I'm currently reading "The Chase", by Clive Cussler, which is, as far as I know, his first foray into historical fiction. It's excellent.