Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Brain Vacation

An interesting thing happens in the very end stages of pregnancy. Many women have described how during labor their brains seem to disengage, allowing their bodies to take over during this most physical of tasks. Trying to think too much when your body is busy making a person just causes complications. I recently heard a radio program in which a woman who had written a history of childbirth commented that the history was really a history of women trying to control the uncontrollable.
In that vein I have been struggling with wanting to interact with the world. My body is trying to get ready for labor, in its own way (meaning I have mild to medium contractions every five minutes for weeks before the actual event). This not only makes me tired and irritable but it is amazingly distracting. I haven't read a book in weeks. Even magazine articles seem too long. I forget things instantly and can't finish the simplest tasks without numerous restarts. I just wish the world would go away until this baby is born.
I feel for my children and husband. We were sick this weekend and nothing got done. R.'s science fair project will be interesting to say the least. I spend all my time listening to NPR and cross-stitching. At least I am doing something with my hands.
All of this excuse-making is to say that I probably won't post anything on my blog until the baby is born. But, as odd as it might sound, I should be back to normal fairly quickly. Late pregnancy messes me up so badly, that having a newborn is easy (relatively speaking). Besides, then I can get back to reading. I recently got two books by James Dashner and I think I am going to be evil and order the last Fablehaven book as well. Late night feedings are wonderful for reading scriptures without interruption.
So the renewal of spring will also bring a new baby and a renewal of my brain. What a wonderful time of year.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Baptism Pics

My Ellie got baptised last Saturday. We had a family affair, with her cousin Emma also being baptised. So here are some pictures of that and her birthday. She is such a great kid and brings such a lively spirit to our home.