Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun Friday #5 Oowah Lake

For Father's Day we gave David a tackle box to go with the fishing things we got last month and went to try them out. It was nice to go in the evening so David could go to. Most people don't realize that Moab is only 20 miles away from a small group of mountains that are up to 14,000 ft. There are a couple of small lakes up there, the closest being Oowah lake. It was thirty degrees colder and much more peaceful than down in town. Until we got there of course. There was a campsite just above where we were fishing and I think we gave the couple there some entertainment, and perhaps motive to remain childless for a while. ;)
All the kids had a turn casting, but no nibbles, even though the fish were jumping right in front of us.
David worked on his fatherly patience as he got everyone set up.
We had a picnic before hand.
And stopped to look at the sunset as we were coming down out of the mountains.
The cutest baby and Daddy anywhere.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun Friday #4 - Moonflower Canyon

This might have to go on our list of places to take visitors when it is hot. The canyon itself is a small box canyon, ending in a sheer cliff with a bit of an undercut and a pool that might even be year-round. This year has been extra wet so I can't really tell.
R. had to do a list of ten native plants and ten native animals for Scouts, so this seemed to be a good place to do it. I also forgot my camera, so I've included a couple of pictures I stole from the Internet.
I've started teaching Sunday School again, and I keep meaning to post the lessons. N. is sleeping more, so I will probably be able to get to it soon.
I haven't really read anything worth talking about lately though.
This looks like a great camp ground. One of the few shady ones around here.
There wasn't quite this much water when we went, but it has rained several times today, so I'm sure there is even more now.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun Friday #3- Sand Dune

This is FF #3 because we went to the park across town for the first one and to see Shrek for the second one and I didn't take pictures of either of those events.
This time we went to play on the sand dune that is directly across the highway from the entrance to Arches. It is a great place to play, but it was rather hot. We brought some friends who wore sandals and they weren't having much fun, so we also went over to the Arches visitor center and watched the movie and pushed the buttons.So here are the intrepid explorers.
A view of how high the hill is. It is a hard slog to get all the way to the top.
The view across the road to Arches.
And a picture of M. because it cracks me up that anyone could sleep like that.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

blogging difficulties

If I had one of these, perhaps I would blog more. It is a one-handed keyboard. My computer time is always spent holding a baby with one hand. So, though I have read some books that have made me think and want to share, I am not willing to spend half-an hour typing very slowly to do so. So I list what I read on Goodreads and some day I might catch up with all the reviews.
We are starting to do Fun Fridays again, so my posting numbrs will improve: pictures are easier than words, they only require a mouse.
Have a great June!