Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun Friday #3- Sand Dune

This is FF #3 because we went to the park across town for the first one and to see Shrek for the second one and I didn't take pictures of either of those events.
This time we went to play on the sand dune that is directly across the highway from the entrance to Arches. It is a great place to play, but it was rather hot. We brought some friends who wore sandals and they weren't having much fun, so we also went over to the Arches visitor center and watched the movie and pushed the buttons.So here are the intrepid explorers.
A view of how high the hill is. It is a hard slog to get all the way to the top.
The view across the road to Arches.
And a picture of M. because it cracks me up that anyone could sleep like that.

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jendoop said...

Great fun! Sorry it's so hot there already.

It hurts just to look at her sleeping like that!