Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun Friday #4 - Moonflower Canyon

This might have to go on our list of places to take visitors when it is hot. The canyon itself is a small box canyon, ending in a sheer cliff with a bit of an undercut and a pool that might even be year-round. This year has been extra wet so I can't really tell.
R. had to do a list of ten native plants and ten native animals for Scouts, so this seemed to be a good place to do it. I also forgot my camera, so I've included a couple of pictures I stole from the Internet.
I've started teaching Sunday School again, and I keep meaning to post the lessons. N. is sleeping more, so I will probably be able to get to it soon.
I haven't really read anything worth talking about lately though.
This looks like a great camp ground. One of the few shady ones around here.
There wasn't quite this much water when we went, but it has rained several times today, so I'm sure there is even more now.

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jendoop said...

That looks absolutely lush for your area! It looks great, you'll have to show it to us next time we're there.

BTW - I finally put the "Moab is my happy place" bumper sticker on the new van. We got a comment about it when we were in Palmyra.