Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun Friday #6 & 7

The last couple of outings haven't been very photogenic. We walked around downtown Moab one morning. I told the kids to take pictures of anything they liked. This was the only result. Its the reflection of an SUV grill on the sidewalk.
We did also take a picture of one of the most important places in Moab:
And we spent some time at the Moab Museum. They have a player piano that they allow people to play. So all the kids had to have a turn.
We also went to the bookstore and got ice cream cones, but I figure you have all seen pictures of those. Though I do feel very fortunate to live in a small town that also has a bookstore.

Then last Friday we went to Blanding to see David's brother Alan and other family members perform in an old-fashioned melodrama. Complete with hisses, boos, cheering and thrown popcorn. They do it every year and it is a lot of fun.
For any of you thinking of adding Moab to your vacation schedule next year, you have to know that fireworks here are incredible. Not only do they have a very impressive display for a small town, they set them off on the hill right behind our house. And the echoes from the canyon walls are just incredible.
Hope you had a good holiday and are having fun days of your own.

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jendoop said...

I like the idea of giving them cameras and going for a walk. Sorry the pics didn't turn out better.

We've had high temps, reminds us all of Moab!