Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun Friday 8 & 9

We barely made the FF two weeks ago. We were having a grumpy day and in the early afternoon I piled the kids in the car for a quick trip.  We drove out to the dinosaur tracks, looked at the sign, walked up to the tracks,
took a picture and left. It was HOT! and dinosaur tracks are not impressive when you are roasting.

This last Sat. we tried a hike I'd been meaning to try for a while, Lower Courthouse Wash. It has a canyon that comes into the river just above the bridge into town.
If you follow it all the way up you will reach the main road in Arches National Park. I knew we probably wouldn't hike that far, but it seemed like a fun trip.
It probably would be, if you happen to own a machete and are impervious to mosquitoes. We have had a very wet year and the trail was very overgrown.  It wasn't too bad for D. and I, but the kids had a hard time getting through the bushes.
The trail also crosses the wash in several places and it was still wet and muddy.  In fact, we just stopped when we got to this pool.
It was neat, with frogs and shade and cattails
and millions of hungry mosquitoes. So we turned around and went home.

Next week we will be camping and the week after that up in Salt Lake, so at least those Fun Fridays will come easy.

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jendoop said...

Thanks for sharing your fridays with me. I remember taking my kids to those dino tracks last year in the sweltering heat.