Saturday, October 16, 2010


Well, we are in a house, I wouldn't quite call it home yet. When I'm not thinking I still call Moab home. I'm not sure how long it will take for that to go away. I know how to get to the Walmart, and two other grocery stores, the library, church and schools. I could live in our little corner of suburbia forever and not leave. This bothers me because I don't feel like I am living in San Antonio, I could be almost anywhere.
The kids are adjusting to their new schools. They still come home with the same complaints about things being boring, so I guess they aren't behind in anything.
R. is struggling with the adjustment to middle school. He is doing better than I feared: the school has not had to call me, which means he is not having any breakdowns though his troubles. The biggest adjustment is having to be responsible for himself. The teachers don't watch out for him like he is used to. His constant complaint is that the teachers are mean and don't care. I don't know how long it will take for him to realize that they won't come to his rescue without being asked. He does like the freedom of the school lunches however.
They all come home exhausted and cranky which is not making for a happy household because I have been running around like a crazy woman trying to get all the paperwork for school and the house unpacked and all of the other stuff that comes with moving. And my sweet husband is struggling to adjust to his new job (that is turning out to be a much bigger issue that we were expecting). B. is lonely with all the kids in school and no pre-school for her yet. And the baby has stopped sleeping through the night so all I want is a nap.
So the challenges of moving continue. But it is not all bad. The library and playground are close and very good. E. got invited to a birthday party in our neighborhood. Ryan had pizza for lunch and the church has been very friendly and welcoming.
It has been an adjustment, and we are still adjusting, but we will get there in the end.

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jendoop said...

It is good to hear about how things are going. I think about you often and wonder how you're doing, wishing I were there to help and babysit. As soon as someone says the usual 'call me if you need anything' take them up on it. Ask them to babysit so you can get a nap.