Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is there a limit?

I am sitting in the very nice San Antonio library posting. I had been thinking about describing the last few weeks with the phrase, "Is there a limit to how many days in a row things can go wrong, or does it have the potential to go on forever?" But I actually had a good day today. Honestly, the first one in a month or more.
The litany of minor but day wrecking disasters included a flood from a broken washer hose, taking three days of incessant paperwork and shots to get my kids registered for school, a lost (and gone forever trampoline part), $3000+ work on the van, no internet for two weeks. You get the idea.
I have been going to bed each night determined to have a better day, to get the things done and be cheerful about it, darn it (though in my head I use a bit stronger language). It has been a struggle. None of those things are all that huge, well, the car repair bill is, but collectively it has been piling up.
But I am starting to see some light at last. The internet will be hooked up tonight. The car is fixed and we had the means to pay for it. David is starting to like his job more and I no longer have the vague nightmare that he will quit or get fired, leaving us with no income.
I guess I am just trying to leave a record that my first few weeks here have not been a picnic. So in a few years when I join the "I LOVE San Antonio." club, I will remember that it was hard at first.

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