Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Easy

This is one reason I don't post much. N. is determined to make up for lost time and go from slightly behind in crawling to ahead in walking. He is a bit of a menace, especially to books and paper. But that is not the main idea of this post.

I was talking with my DH about life and the normal things you say at the end of the day and I realized that one of the reasons we feel so stressed is because of how easy our lives have been. Every time we have moved it has almost felt as if the Star of Bethlehem was over the house we moved into. The jobs were immediately good and we knew, 100% that things were going as they should.

That is not to say everything is always perfect. I got pregnant right after we moved to Moab, before D. even opened his business. There were conflicts in Las Vegas at work and D even got fired in California. But it always seemed to work out quickly. There would be a week or two of anxiety and then everything would fall into place.

Now we are in a new area and we are still 100% sure that this is where we are supposed to be. We both felt that this was the house to be in and the job is working out. But there are more difficulties that aren't just falling into line. It is a new experience for us.

It is time for us to put into practice those gospel principles we have been studying and teaching to others. Walking by faith is pretty easy when your life is also pretty easy. Discovering exactly how much you have been supported by the Lord is enlightening. Frustrating sometimes, but we are learning a lot, about each other and ourselves.

Not to say that life is awful. The list of blessings would take a long time to write. And things are better than they were when we first moved, though really all that has changed is my perspective. I am grateful for that change in perspective because now I can move on and grow up a little more.

Just because, here is another picture of my kids, Halloween this time. We lost the cable for the camera and I didn't get a chance to share at the time. R. is a candy inspector, if you can't read his tag.

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jendoop said...

IMHO your life was not easy before. You have six kids for heaven's sake!

Your life was comfortable, you had a routine, and you were settled. Now that you've been pushed out of your comfort zone you have to deal with the world in a new way, set up new routines and think about things slightly differently. I'm glad you are thinking about it as an opportunity for growth.

As per our recent conversation I am proud of your courage in facing difficult and painful things. I would be lost without you walking the same path with me for the last 37 years.