Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quick Update

I have been feeling guilty that I haven't posted anything lately. Things are evening out. I can find my way around and I bought a map of San Antonio, which is helping me feel oriented. The children are making friends, even R.
David and I are speaking in church tomorrow, I might post my talk. I am beginning to feel more able to arrange my life, instead of just respond to each new crisis.
I have read a few good books and I meant to write about them, but I am going to settle for a brief summary because I don't have a lot of time.
Made in America: A Social History was a much more interesting book than I was expecting, especially since I was reading it just before the elections. The book tries to follow social trends in America, like happiness levels, prosperity and our opinions about what is normal and how we should behave. The best thing about this book was the authors earnest attempts to be even handed. So many "Social histories" are liberal polemics and then you get the right making "The truth about. . ." X, Y or Z to try and even it out. The author really tries to show all options about what certain things mean. The end result is the idea that as a people we are still pretty much like we have always been. We like buying new stuff, be it IPhones or chairs instead of stools and we complain that everyone else spends too much. We want to be happy and try all sorts of new ideas to be so. And there have been people saying the nation has abandoned the ideals of the past ever since there was a nation. It made me feel much more hopeful about the common sense of the common people.

The other book I read was Towers of Midnight. I read an 850 page book in just over a day. I like these books. If you don't read fantasy you probably won't. If you do read fantasy you probably already know about these books. They are fast, intense and engrossing and I love them the way I love good chocolate, wonderful but too expensive to have very often. It is good these books only come out once a year or so.

The fact that I have only read two books lately shows how busy I have been, though I have also been watching Monk on Netflix. The baby has been sick and I stay up late and watch TV. I stopped nursing, for various reasons, and he promptly got an ear infection, roseola and a bad head cold. I always knew nursing was good for babies, I've been experiencing the proof.

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